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The God Slayer


Designed by Tatii Lange. All rights reserved.

This painting came out so smoothly, spent the entire day working on it non stop and didn’t get tired/frustrated with it at any point!

This is for the Ketucari arpg group for which I’ve worked on and help develop in the last months. Which only recently opened for Beta! and let me tell you, its going amazingly! ( )

Umbrafen has made such an amazing work designing this epic specie and its world and its so exciting to see it come to life 😀

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Length of the shortest side of the tapestry may vary few centimeters/inches, as it is adapted to follow exact art proportions rather than cutting part of the art.

Wall tapestry (textile poster) is printed using sublimation (colors are directly printed inside fabric, making it durable and detailed) on special 230g textile. Can also be used as a decorative blanket, table cloth, bed cover or as curtains. Your tapestry will include a tunnel on the top that can be used for mounting using tubes or wires (diameter = ~ 2 cm), and sewing is done on the bottom and both sides.

Cleaning – can be washed in washing machine (advised in maximum 30 degree water temperature, but we have tried 40 degrees as well). Allowed to use fabric softeners and ironing with medium temperature.

Colors on printed tapestry may vary a bit from mock-up preview (what you see on the screen), due to printing technology and properties of the textile.

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